When do offshore bank accounts come into play?

  • Offshore banking services allow you to diversify your assets (your money) and have greater financial confidentiality. Having a personal offshore bank account allows you to benefit from many financial advantages. Confidentiality. To bank abroad in exactly the same way as your personal onshore bank account allows you to do in your country of residence.
  • You protect your money against a lot of inconvenience. Against unstable or non-transparent banking systems, lawsuits in legal battles, such as divorce, for example. To protect yourself from this, transferring some of your money to an offshore account where it can be kept safe and out of the reach of the courts in your country of residence is a good solution. These financial assets may not be known, seized or frozen by the courts in your country of residence.
  • Opening an offshore personal bank account gives you the freedom and assurance to keep your private money safe from all these problems in economically stable jurisdictions, where banks enjoy a good reputation and where your money will be safe.
  • Tens and tens of millions of people around the world have their money in offshore bank accounts. They offer them confidentiality and security. Politicians, wealthy investors, celebrities, companies of all types take advantage of offshore banking opportunities. Offshore bank accounts are not just for the rich. Whether you are a European citizen, a South American citizen or an expatriate living abroad, you can legally benefit from an offshore personal account. Opening a personal account abroad offers a legal solution to protect your money.