A high level of Confidentiality for a personal bank account in Georgia

Most jurisdictions are now subject to the OECD's Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI). The Georgian jurisdiction has not signed any AEOI agreements with the OECD or TIEA agreements. As a result, the confidentiality of a personal bank account or a company account is very high in Georgia, as Switzerland could have been a few years ago. A strong banking secrecy, allows to protect the most precious thing that exists in offshore, your name.

  • In Georgia, banking secrecy laws are effective and the jurisdiction offers a high level of protection and anonymity for the creation of confidential offshore bank accounts and the confidentiality of fund exchanges.
  • Georgia has very flexible banking legislation. Everything is done to make banks in Georgia as attractive as possible.
  • Georgia remains one of the few places in the world where it is easy to open an offshore personal bank account. The process of opening a personal bank account is fast, simple and reliable. You don't need a lot of documents if you compare it with opening a bank account in Hong Kong, for example.
  • opening of a personal or corporate bank account can be done remotely via a Power of Attorney that you entrust to us. You do not have to travel to Georgia. This is a really interesting service compared to the many jurisdictions where it is becoming more and more difficult to simply open a personal bank account.
  • This personal account is opened in several currencies and no minimum deposit is required.
  • Another advantage of opening an offshore bank account in Georgia is the account maintenance fee. There is a general perception that an offshore personal account, because of its confidentiality, is expensive. With regard to Georgia, bank charges for account maintenance, transfers, debit cards, e-banking services, all bank charges in fact, are ridiculously low. You don't have to worry about the cost of your banking transactions.
  • The online banking services of Georgian banks are no match for the services of European banks. They are, moreover, of a refreshing simplicity. You can transfer money between the Georgian Lari, US dollars, British pounds and euros with a single click. Exchange rate spreads at the bank are extremely low; if you make a very large deposit, you can get one-way spreads as low as 0.13%. This means that it costs $1.30 to go from $1,000 US to $1,000 GEL. It's not expensive.
  • Interest rates are much higher than those you can find in most banks. Georgia offers very high interest rates on deposit accounts from 6 months: 10% in Laris! If you are willing to bet on the Georgian Lari, which we could recommend at this time given the country's encouraging economic indicators and controlled inflation.
  • The last major advantage is of course the fiscal aspect. Georgia does not tax foreign bank accounts. If we add this absence of taxation, with very high interest rates and ridiculous account maintenance fees, if the sums deposited in the bank account are large enough, it is possible to achieve significant capital gains.
  • Georgia's economy is stable and continues to grow, political and social stability is good. This means that Georgia is a good jurisdiction for the protection of your assets. The financial outlook is positive in Georgia