About Overseabanking.com

Overseabanking.com is a fully automated web service that facilitates bank account opening operations for our customers who do not wish to travel to Georgia. Our service offers a fast, simple and reliable opening procedure for anyone who wants to open a personal bank account in one of the most open bank account jurisdictions in the world.

All you need to do is fill out the forms in our application, you receive a a power of attorney pre filled, make a copy of your passport, notarized and apostilled both documents and send them back to us with DHL or FEdex. The rest is handled by us. Oversea Banking Online currently covers Georgia, and soon Armenia, and is dedicated to helping our many clients around the world who will be able to compare the advantages and facilities offered by our selection of the best jurisdictions and banks for remote personal bank account opening in the future.

Oversea Banking, is not a bank, but offers advice and neutral assistance in selecting and opening the right account that will meet your needs and in the right bank.